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Wellness and Spa
Opening hours
Monday - Sunday: 09.00 - 21.00
(services outside opening hours - available on prior request)
A modern, superbly equipped Wellness & Spa centre is located in the medieval cellars (level -1) of the Stary Hotel. To our guests’ disposal, we offer a gym, two swimming pools, a sauna and a salt-iodine chamber. Our guests can also enjoy a healthy massage.
A massage is the best way for relaxation, stress relief, reduction of muscle fatigue and body detox. A delicate session calms and relaxes whilst an intense one soothes muscle and joint fatigue

The gym is equipped with cardio and workout machines. They can be adjusted to the experience level of the user – it provides workout for both beginners as well as professionals. Well-qualified staff will guide you through an individually selected programme on stationary equipment, treadmills, bicycles, steppers and orbitreks.


Azure coloured water around us, medieval vaulting above and a beautiful mosaic under our feet. This is what swimming pools located in the Stary Hotel Wellness & Spa look like. Crystal clear water and the unique look of old Cracow cellars intensify the feeling of relaxation. Original, medieval walls surround the pools (measurements 4,10 m x 8,10 m and 2,30 m x 8,10 m) that are separated by only a narrow brick wall. The intimate and guiet atmosphere will make learning how to swim a pleasant experience even for the ones most afraid of water. We provide swimming lessons for children up to 3 years old and adults as well as technique learning lessons. A qualified instructor is there to make you feel safe.


The Finnish sauna is a great way to release the stress after a hard working day. After a session in a sauna you will feel noticeably relaxed and content. Sauna works well on the psychophysical state. Its influence on health is invaluable. Among other things, it cleans the body from toxins, cares for the skin, improves metabolism, intends for weight loss and makes you feel lighter. A moment spent in a Finnish sauna will make you feel relaxed and find strength for work. In this type of dry sauna, the temperature reaches 100C but thanks to low air humidity our bodies do not feel such heat. Thanks to the unique climate inside, the sauna sessions are so popular. The fact is, Finnish people have one of the longest experiences when it comes to saunas. Archaeological studies show that it is two thousand years old. Let’s trust the Scandinavians and remember the Finnish saying: “In the sauna anger cools and hatred burns away”.


The salt-iodine chamber, located in the basement of our hotel, is one of the few places in the centre of Cracow where you can breathe sea air. Here you can ease your mind and calm your senses. Unique setting, discreet lighting, selected music and comfortable armchairs will help you forget about the surrounding reality. The salt chamber is an unusual way of utilizing salt from the Dead Sea for relaxation, rehabilitation, prophylactics and healthcare. The unique microclimate positively influences the psychophysical state of the human body. The beneficial effects of rock salt have been known for thousands of years. It contains lots of vital minerals and elements e.g. magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, copper, selenium. One of the crucial elements is iodine that influences the nervous system, concentration, clear thinking, resistance to stress as well as regulation of the circulatory system and muscles. Salt bath also has a beneficial effect on the skin. Keep in mind that the mythological Aphrodite, Greek goddess of beauty and love emerged from salt sea foam.


The steam room is one of the most comfortable ways of getting desired rest and relaxation. A steam bath provides exceptional sensations for the body and senses and calms the soul. The temperature in the steam sauna is about 50C but due to the high humidity the sensible temperature can be twice as high. The skin stays deeply moisturized long after leaving the sauna. Our steam room is combined with the power of aromatherapy. The smell of etheric oils in the air will sooth your senses and keep you in a good mood. The aromatic scent of the oils will make relaxation even more pleasant.


To book an appointment, please contact reception

Phone: +48 12 384 08 08

E-mail: spa.stary@hotel.com.pl

We recommend to booking your treatments in advance to be sure that you will be able to enjoy them during your stay at our hotel or on any other day that is suitable to you.

Phone: + 48 12 384 08 08

E-mail: spa.stary@hotel.com.pl

We recommend to booking your treatments in advance to be sure that you will be able to enjoy them during your stay at our hotel or on any other day that is suitable to you.


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