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Adequate decorations, professional staff and mood music will let you enjoy incredible moments on this beautiful day. The Rybki Nove restaurant will prepare a special wedding menu. In a traditional way, a glass of champagne will welcome the newlyweds. The head chef will offer fabulous dishes together with a special selection of wine chosen by the sommelier. The nightlong reception will be accompanied by a buffet full of hot and cold dishes, unconventional snacks and wonderful desserts.


Pastries with tomato, spinach, ricotta cheese

Selection of tartars served on cone of fried dough: spicy beef tartare with potato mousse, salmon tartare with red caviar

Shrimps with Parma ham roasted in thyme aromas


Fillet of sea bass served with apple mousse, shrimp and dill sauce

Poached salmon with spinach, sweet potato and lemon mousse

Beef tenderloin with leeks, artichokes and green pepper sauce

Lamb shank with potato purée, sun dried tomatoes and balsamic sauce

Duck breast with beetroot and apple purée with Calvados sauce

Pork sirloin in rosemary sauce with potato purée and vegetables

Veal slices in marjoram sauce with carrot purée

Roasted duck leg with mushrooms, carrots and baked potatoes


Chocolate dessert with black currant mousse and raspberry ice cream

Hot pear strudel with vanilla sauce and cinnamon ice cream

Crème brûlée with crunchy honey cake and sorbet of strawberries

Chocolate tartine with apple and salty caramel ice cream

Yoghurt bavarese with strawberry sauce

Hot chocolate soufflé with mint ice cream

Coconut Panna Cotta with home-made ginger ice cream

Nougat of plum in gingerbread aromas


Salmon marinated in coriander with sour cream and caviar

Poached trout served on beetroot carpaccio with Jerusalem artichoke sauce

Saint-Jacques scallops with baked celeriac purée, salicornia, crumble of potato and algaeg

Tuna marinated in lime and lemongrass with sauce of anchovies, garlic and cream

Beef carpaccio with cheese and fresh herbs

Terrine of duck liver with pear, yogurt bread and sauce of muscovado

Roast foie gras with Calvados sauce with apple

Salad with fried poulet breast in balsamic vinaigrette dressing


Cream of porcini soup with croutons in truffle aroma

Velvety potato cream soup served with quail egg and truffles

Green pea cram with chanterelles and croutons

Velvety cream of potato and leeks with crunchy speck

Velvety courgette cream soup with herbs croutons

Velvety horseradish cream soup with speck

Velvety cream of potato with lentils, tarragon and shell-fish

Velvety chanterelles cream soup with thyme oil and crispy bacon



Pâté of duck and pork with brandy and pistachios

Roast beef with mustard served on pumpernickel with marinated pearl onions

Duck breasts roast in citrus fruit

Delicately marinated salmon with ginger jam

Tuna in teriyaki with green algae wakame

Fried trout with aubergine and fresh dill

Selection of grilled vegetables with parmesan flakes

Selection of Polish and Italian cheeses with additives:
jam with onions, mustard with pears

Selection of Polish sausage with additives:
pickled mushrooms, cucumbers, horseradish, tartar sauce


Teriyaki chicken salad with black pepper sauce

Salad with couscous, tomatoes and fresh basil

Mini mozzarella with black olives and fresh basil

  Main courses – selection of two dishes

Cod roasted with potatoes confit and capers

Baltic turbot with fennel, emulsion of vermouth and crispy quinoa

Gilt-head bream with potato purée, green peas and horseradish sauce

Lamb chump with spinach mousse, smoked potato and baked apple

Beef cheeks in red wine with baked potatoes

Loin of roe deer served with sun-dried tomatoes and grilled polenta


Mini cupcakes with cream and seasonal fruit

Pear strudel with sweetmeats

Coconut-passion fruit dessert with meringue spices served in glass jars

Tiramisu with amaretto and coffee biscuits

Vanilla crème brûlée

Fresh seasonal fruit

Alcoholic nad non-alcoholic drinks

  Non-alcoholic drinks





Sparkling drinks

  Alcoholic drinks

Vodka Ostoya - 150 PLN / bottle 0,7 l

Vodka Belvedere - 250 PLN / bottle 0,7 l

Gin Bombay Saphire - 250 PLN / bottle 0,7 l

Rum Havana Club - 220 PLN / bottle 0,7 l

Whisky Johnnie Walker Black 12 - 290 PLN / bottle 0,7 l

Whisky Chivas Regal 12 - 290 PLN / bottle 0,7 l

Bourbon Jack Daniels - 250 PLN / bottle 0,7 l

Tequila Blanco - 290 PLN / bottle 0,7 l

Cognac Hennessy V.S. - 290 PLN / bottle 0,7 l

Beer Tyskie - 10 PLN / bottle 0,33 l

   Cork fee 120 PLN / bottle
Wedding cakes

  149 - 159 PLN / 1 kg

Sponge cake,mousse with yogurt and cream
Price: 149 PLN / kg

Dark chocolate sponge cake with cherry syrup withalcohol, mass of the white chocolate and cream with cherries
Price: 159 PLN / kg

Dark chocolate sponge cake with apricot jam, chocolate sauce
Price: 159 PLN / kg

Dark chocolate sponge cake witha pricot jam,chocolate sauce
Price: 159 PLN / kg

  169 PLN / 1 kg

Almonds sponge cakes, crispy mass withhazelnut, mint bawarese, chocolate mass
Price: 169 PLN / kg

Passion fruit cake
Sponge cakes, meringue coconut-almond, passion fruit mousse with cream and gelatin
Price: 169 PLN / kg

   Extra decoration in price of 20 PLN / kg
       The special shape of the cake[ball,car,etc.] in price of 30 PLN / kg

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Located in the heart of Krakow, Hotel Stary is a dreamlike and luxurious place to escape from everyday routine. Relaxation in the hotel Spa will restore peace and harmony, and exquisite cuisine will surprise with refined tastes.


Hotel Stary offers 78 highest quality rooms. With a view to the comfort and delight of our Guests, we created rooms that are spacious and distinguished. They are characterized by unique arrangements and extraordinary style.


Hotel Stary has two elegant restaurants. 3 Rybki, is an elegant restaurant located in the open space on the ground floor of Hotel Stary. Rybki Nove Restaurant located on two floors of the newer part of the Stary Hotel.

Wellness & Spa

A modern, superbly equipped Wellness & Spa centre is located in the medieval cellars (level -1) of the Stary Hotel. To our guests’ disposal, we offer a gym, two swimming pools, a sauna and a salt-iodine chamber.

New Year 2021

Midnight Piano.
The New Year's Eve offer includes a tasting dinner with wine pairing prepared by our Chef Mr. Krzysztof Żurek and our Sommelier.