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Rybki Nove Restaurant
It is possible to reserve the restaurant for private events:
birthdays, family functions, weddings, conferences and business events.
Please contact for more information: trzy-rybki@hotel.com.pl

Rybki Nove Restaurant, is located on two floors of the newer part of the Stary Hotel. Large, roomy space creates as much arrangement potential, enriched with the possibility to direct connect with the conference room. This place is not only for a cameral business meeting, but also for big conferences, banquets or weddings. Menu changes according to seasons. Spring and summer is the time for fresh vegetables, asparagus and artichokes while in autumn and winter, game, mushrooms and forest fruits dominate the menu.

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Located in the heart of Krakow, Hotel Stary is a dreamlike and luxurious place to escape from everyday routine. Relaxation in the hotel Spa will restore peace and harmony, and exquisite cuisine will surprise with refined tastes.


Hotel Stary offers 78 highest quality rooms. With a view to the comfort and delight of our Guests, we created rooms that are spacious and distinguished. They are characterized by unique arrangements and extraordinary style.


Hotel Stary has two elegant restaurants. 3 Rybki, is an elegant restaurant located in the open space on the ground floor of Hotel Stary. Rybki Nove Restaurant located on two floors of the newer part of the Stary Hotel.

Wellness & Spa

A modern, superbly equipped Wellness & Spa centre is located in the medieval cellars (level -1) of the Stary Hotel. To our guests’ disposal, we offer a gym, two swimming pools, a sauna and a salt-iodine chamber.