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Rybki Nove Grill and Sky Bar

Opening hours
Sky Bar / Monday - Sunday: 12.00 - 23.00
Grill Restaurant / Monday - Sunday: 17.00 - 22.00

In summer, we invite our customers to the Sky Bar and Rybki Nove Grill Restaurant situated on the top floors of the hotel. Sky Bar with it's own roof terrace, situated on the sixth floor of the hotel, offers a outstanding view of St.Mary’s Church and the Cloth Hall on the main market square. This is a place well-know for atmosphere, unique and ideal for a drink with a beautiful scenography. Rybki Nove Grill Restaurant, situated on other side of the hotel's building, on the fifth floor, offers a unique panorama of Cracow’s historic towers and rooftops. A nice and quite place for late lunch and dinner.

Please note that Rybki Nove Grill Restaurant Menu is served only on fifth floor.
Sky Bar

45 PLN

Havana club anejo 3 anos, Lime, mint, Cane sugar, Sparkling water

45 PLN

Ostoya, Cointreau, Cranberry juice, Lime juice

69 PLN

Monkey 47, Campari, Carlo alberto red vermouth

Espresso Martini
45 PLN

Ostoya, Kahlua, Espresso

Old Fashioned
55 PLN

Maker’s mark, Angostura bitter, Cube of cane sugar

Passion Fruitcake With Meringue
29 PLN

Stary Cake With Nuts And Chocolatemousse
29 PLN

Ice Cream Selection Withfruits (Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry)
25 PLN

Rhubarb Baked With Strawberries And White Chocolate
29 PLN

Puff Pastry With Hazelnut Cream And Caramel
25 PLN

   Bar Snack/Finger Food
French Pastries With Tomato, Spinach, Ricotta Cheese (12 Pieces)
25 PLN

Shrimps With White Wine, Parsley And Chilli (7 Pieces)
39 PLN

Beef Tartare In A Cone With Potato Mousse (5 Pieces)
35 PLN

Duck Paste With Toast And Cranberry (5 Pieces)
29 PLN


Grilled Vegetables
29 PLN

Grilled Shrimps With Tomato And Coriander
39 PLN

Grilled Fish (Fillet)
49 PLN

Grilled Lamb Sausage With Shallot
39 PLN

Grilled Pork Ribs Marinated In Beer
45 PLN

Grilled Beef Tenderloin With Bbq Sauce
59 PLN
Ice Cream Selection With Fruits (Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry)
25 PLN

Puff Pastry With Hazelnut Cream And Caramel
25 PLN

Rhubarb Baked With Strawberries And White Chocolate
29 PLN
The restaurant has an exceptionally rich wine cellar, especially Italian, but also French or Spanish. In 2014, the wine card was awarded the prestigious Wine Spectator - Award of Excellence. If you like the taste of the wine tasted with us, please visit our store vinoteka 13.pl


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